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Welcome to MOTIV Premium Painting's Blog!

My name is Isidor Siskos (Izzy). I am the owner of MOTIV Premuim Painting and I am thrilled to welcome you to my blog. I certainly hope you'd find the future topics helpful.

Although there are plenty of house painting blogs on the internet, I believe we might be the first painting company to have one here in Bellingham, WA at the time of writing.

I love writing and there is so much to be said from my experience, but I am quite busy at this time of the year, so I will do my best to write at least one blog post a week. Hopefully not a month!

If you have a house painting topic you'd like me to write about, feel free to reach out to my biz email

MOTIV Premium Painting OR Siskos Family at the beach
(L to R) Alex, Tsveti & Izzy at the beach

So, Who Are We?

We are a family of three - Tsvetelina(the pretty momma), Alexander (the wild child) & Izzy ( the keyboard warrior/biz owner).

We came to the PNW from Connecticut in 2019 but we are originally from Bulgaria, EU.

Well, our son was born in the US, but technically we are all from BG.

Connecticut was really draining our lives in a negative way, so the three of us plus my mother, packed up our stuff and we drove all the way to the most beautiful corner of the States. We really love it here and are very excited to live our new lives surrounded by all the lovely people and gorgeous mountain & water views. There is really no other place like the PNW in the entire country. I know it!

About MOTIV Premium Painting and how it all started.

I renamed my painting business to MOTIV Premium Painting in 2021.

However, I started my first house painting venture in the summer of 2018 as Red Robin Painting after I got fired from my painting job as a lead painter.

Ready? Well, getting fired was the BEST thing that could happen to me. I am no longer embarrased to say how I started my business. It can take so much risk, energy and stress to go out of the regular job comfort, that many people (maybe even myself) would have a really hard time pushing themselves to do such a thing. So, yeah, although I sincerely disliked my boss, Thank You, Man! It is well worth it!

Anyway, I did not like how Red Robin Painting sounded so I wanted to rebrand to something more unique. Plus, I was not aware Red Robin was a restaurant chain (poor research) and I occasinally'd occasionally get calls for a burger and fries order *laughing thinking of this*

So, after a few months of brainstorming I came up with MOTIV. By the way, I have a pet-peeve with how 98% of people pronounce MOTIV, so here is a link. If you read this, please don't pronounce it as motive (as in 'the motive to do something'). I thank you sincerely!

Anyway, MOTEEV Premium Painting brand name came up and it stuck so much to me that I had to immediately get Red Robin to fly away.

What's With The "Premium?"

Premium in the name was placed to hint the hightened level of attention to detail and craftsmanship that I had developed in my previous painting jobs working for high-end, high-paying sutomers. Needless to say, our prices are higher than the bunch in the area and that is partly because most painting businesses are production based. Production based painters are less expensive as they do things fast, may skip some steps and quality of crafstmanship tends to be lower.

Probably a good place to mentione that our ideal clients are people that (A) have already had somewhat bad experiences in the past and are looking for the right people this time to avoid any problems or (B) simply don't want to risk having a bad experience by going with the lower bids in the first place. Usually, for either one of the types, price is not the issue as long as the work is of high quality, they feel heard and communication is great.

Believe it or not I get quite a few people be surprised that my prices are higher. I am surprised just as much as they are, honestly. It hints it in the name! How could I possibly provide the same results I always do at the price of the rest? I will have to make some skips myself too!

For the future, I am looking to find like minded people that can become a part of this company and together we can make this small boutique business into something that we can all be proud of.

What Will The Future Posts Be About?

At this moment, I am thinking of writing about topics from "How to Prep Your Walls Before Painting" to "Color of The Season/Year" and anything in between.

Other topics will be for Interior & Exterior Paint projects, Staining, Power-Washing etc.

Another topic I am thinking of is probably showcasing photos of poor crafstmanship to hopefully educate our future clients what to look out for when risking going with a production based paint company. We'll see....

Stay tuned!

Izzy Siskos MOTIV Premium Painting


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