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Exterior Painting Prices

The Pacific Northwest, will not be this gorgeous year round if it wasn't for the amount of rain we get per year. 

The downside of it is that our homes are getting beat up.

That is why it is critical that your exterior siding and trim is properly sealed, so no water can get in any cracks and behind your siding and trim. 

Just like interior painting, exterior painting is certainly an investment, so you want to make sure

it's done right the first time.

It's all in the prep.

As far as making your house look gorgeous,

just check out our gallery. 

Grass Lawn

Actual numbers can vary depending on various factors such as:  size. of home, condition of exterior, type of siding, etc.

You will receive an exact quote after an in-person consultation.



Starting around


Decks may need to be stripped to bare finish prior to  recoating.



Starting around


Homes up to 1400sq.ft. of floor space. Includes trim, siding and doors.

average home


Starting around


Homes between 1500-2000 sq.ft. of floor space. Includes trim, siding and doors.

Large homes 


Starting around


Homes over 2000 sq. ft. of floor space. Includes trim, siding and doors.

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